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Calm Waters



"Becki has a very special gift. She is compassionate, sincere and will work with you, your guides and your energy to provide answers, comfort and peace. She speaks from the heart, listens to all concerns and will communicate what she sees and feels for your peace of mind and well-being. She is the best"

   Wow!Wow!Wow! I just got out of my Reiki session with Becki and I am gob smacked. Becki has such a beautiful gift and the whole world needs to see it and feel it. She was able to pinpoint exactly where I hold deep emotional attachment in my body which enabled me to release some of the sadness throughout the session




Becki - a healer, reiki master, death doula… 

There’s an immediate comfort with her. 

At the start of the session everything felt stuck in my throat and heart chakras. 

My energy was firmly settled in my solar plexus. My aura collapsed around me. I focused on pushing energy into the narrow gap between the external pressure and my body. I tried to inflate it around me. I came back to what was there, a deflated sphere… my dull, collapsed aura pressed against me. A wave of that beautiful releasing energy flowed through, the shuddering tears came as the energy opened up again and started to flow. The energy moved through the solar plexus and out into the gap. Breathe, cry, shudder, move the edges out again. I was able inflate my aura an expanded hand width from my body - a large oblong oval. Such relief, joy, pain and release all at once.


Each experience like no other, facilitated by a kind, loving Reiki Master – Becki. 

Becki is such a wonderful person and healer! I have had two sessions with her and I have also attended one of her grief/reiki sessions. She is so highly intuitive and empathic. During my sessions with her, she was really able to pick up on places where I was carrying stress and where I needed extra healing without me even mentioning them to her. She is gentle yet tells you exactly what you need to hear. I really value her honesty and she is also very helpful at offering words of encouragement and advice. I am a reiki practitioner and it is so incredible to receive healing from another healer.

  I had a wonderful session at La Dimora. I thought I had a reiki session before at a spa, but after this session I realized it could not compare. Becki explained what a session may look like, she took time to sit and talk to me prior to and after the session. I didn't know what to expect and I can't wait for another session. I felt seen, heard, and I felt like I was in a safe judgement free space. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with her.

 I have had 3 sessions with Becki. The first two were remote and one was in person, I am suffering from a hip replacement with complications, two were early into my healing and Becki was able to help me.


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