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Ghosts don’t have to be feared

When the Ghosts Come to Talk

Have you ever had a night when you couldn’t sleep? Even with medication, great sleep hygiene, and all your safe guards in place? 

A night where you find your eyes snap open anywhere from 1 am-3am, not because a sound woke you? You are just simply awake? 

I have a theory on this: it’s the time when the ghosts come to talk.

I don’t mean the ghosts as in Grandma needs to give you a message; that’s a tale for another day. Rather, it’s a message of a memory making it’s way to the surface.  A form of rough visualization your body is putting you through. 

What if when we are awaken in the witching hours of the night, it’s to give us knowledge? Maybe it’s a time when our bodies feel it’s safe to let down the barriers we created, when we are receptive to information our brains keep from us most our lives. 

Tonight was one of those nights for me. I should have seen it coming. You see, last night, unknowingly, I started the process of inviting the ghosts in. 

Last night I opened Pandora’s Box. Or rather, my mind allowed me to remove the clasp and slip in the key. I accessed a memory and, with it, threw off the lid.

I created an opening. 

A space in which the ghosts could come and talk. They felt like I was ready to recall events, images, and feelings. I wish I had their confidence. Or maybe, it is their bravery.  You see, I truly am afraid of ghosts. My ghosts stepped forward in my life. They held the pain, the heartbreak and trauma. They did it so well I was able to “appear” normal. My guardians, my protectors. 

They came. In all their glory, love and compassion. 

Bits and pieces at a time. A flash of color, the whiff of summer. Deeply, my stomach tightened, my heart raced, my throat began to close.

Perhaps I wasn’t ready to open that section of my brain. Was I supposed to be doing this? Was this truly the best way to heal? By reliving it?

As I sat in the dark, I realize ‘yes.’ The dark is where I feel safe enough to let it go, send it off, and finally finish this particular chapter. 

So when the ghosts come to talk, listen to what they say. It’s time to grieve, there’s room to grow, and space to heal. Give them their respect for they know more than we do.

Trust the messages you receive. Allow this magic time when your ego is quiet and your brain is sleepy. Free the memories and feel the emotions.  

I now realize I don’t dislike when the ghosts come to talk. They bring with them the gift of self. They allow me to become whole- the shadow and light together. 

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