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Mountain Ridge

It’s time

Come With Me, Oh Lost Ones 

Come with me, Lost Ones. 

Take my hand and hold on tight.

The world may not be seeing you in all your glory and might. 

You are the brave ones,

The timid ones. 

You are the keeper of secrets. 

You are the holder of wisdoms.

Take my hand and simply let go. 

Let go of the trauma that weighs you down. 

Release from your heart the pain and tears you hold so tight.

The world needs you, Lost One! 

Your gentle caring spirit, 

Your nonjudgmental way of looking at people. 

Your iron will to survive at all costs. 

Come with me, Lost Ones, for your time is now!

Let’s embrace our faults, our pain and all the trauma that resides deep within. 

It’s time for the Lost Ones to raise up, to shine your beautiful souls. 

The world needs your tender, gentle hearts which bear scars of deep hurt and pain. 

It is only those who know this depth of suffering that can help others now. 

So come with me, Lost Ones, because you are not lost–

You have found the secret to living! 

Stand proud, raise your face to the world, open your heart as wide as you can and embrace. 

Embrace all those who can’t right now, the ones who are weary, tired and despondent. 

It is your gift as a Lost One to help others because you are a hero. 

Come with me, unLost Ones–we have work to do.

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