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Mountain Ridge

Just One More Picture, I promise

Last night I had a dream

I knew he was there standing quietly on the edge of time and space

I sensed his energy, his eyes, and his thoughts.

Yet the scene continued to play out without his presence being seen.

Family came and went, the scenery changed and morphed into a home

The cast wandered in and out on cue.

And yet he still remained in the shadow.

Waiting and watching.

That is until the very last scene when I heard

Well I guess it’s time for me to head back home.

“ No Daddy don’t go” I heard myself say.

As I held him tight in my arms I said

“Just one more picture before you leave”.

As my father wrapped his arms around my shoulders

I smelled his cologne from years gone by and allowed myself to melt into the arms I couldn’t remember ever holding me so lovingly.

And I cried.

This is the memory I wanted of my dad.

And this is the picture I am left with when I wake, with tears still fresh on my cheeks and love still lingering from his embrace.

Thank you Daddy for reminding me that even in death we have the ability to connect with love.

Thank you for being in my dreams and sharing your presence with me.

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