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Mountain Ridge

Well Hello There

Hi all, so let me first introduce myself, my name is Rebecca Marie (Fotion) Lund- Becki to almost everyone I know.

Becka to very few, Rebec to my grandma, and "Rebec the Reject" to several of my siblings.

I am a born and raised Vermonter, who always believed my true family left me behind. I sat outside on starry nights waiting for them to return for me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I was with a "real" family.

I am the fifth child of six. Not the youngest, oldest, firstborn, or even the baby. Nope, it's the middle for me all the way-the balancer. Oh yeah, and let's not forget I am also a "sensitive" aka Empath (for the label lovers).

I grew up in an economically depressed town, where our biggest claim to fame was we housed the State Prison (more on that to come).

I have been a writer since I could learn to hold a pencil. I love words, sentences, and books. As a child, I won a writing contest and was featured on the radio. It was a story about how the Statue of Liberty and the streets of gold held promises to immigrants.

Years ago I had a therapist suggest energy work to me. I had no idea what that meant, or where to even start.

I became a Reiki Practitioner to help myself heal. I never believed that all my inner work would translate into helping others find their voice, yet here I am.

I will be your cheerleader when you need one, your friend when you can't be that to yourself. I will be the hand I wish I had for so many years.

So, join me on this epic adventure. One where we will learn how to talk to the shadows, both in our minds and in our pasts.

I started this blog to give voice to my thoughts, experiences, pain, and triumph. If they speak to you, I invite you to leave a comment, a reaction, or a shared memory you may have that caused you to talk to the shadows.

Please know this is my story, written from my point of view. I take no liberties with the experience of anyone else. I cannot speak for their emotions, thoughts, or memories.

I want to add that some of the words may be hard to read, and I ask that you use caution in reading what you choose. As always be kind, be gentle, and keep your mind open.

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