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Mountain Ridge

If it's heavy put it down

If it's heavy you can put it down

As a child, I often was scolded for putting things in my pocket.

Rocks, pretty leaves, and scattered nuts made their way into my treasure trove without my knowledge.

Sometimes the items I picked were heavy, dirty, and shouldn't have been brought home.

I would pack my pockets so full my pretties would fall out and I would scoop them up into my shirt tail. I couldn't leave them out there on their own.

Who would love them? Who would take care of them?

It wasn't until I got older that I realized I did that with everything in my life.

People's hurts, their anger, frustrations, and their pain. I placed all that into my pocket as well.

I have carried heavy things

Things that didn't belong to me

When we begin to leave others items on the side where they belong we allow ourselves to save things that matter.

We hold onto happy memories, the good feelings, the lighthearted warmth

So if today you feel like you're carrying heavy loads this is permission to set it down

Please don't rush to pick it up, and don't allow someone else to force you to carry it

You decide what you want to put into your pockets and what to keep

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